Just a little taste of our vacation!

We got back from our trip to the Caribbean two weeks ago! We spent the majority of our time in Puerto Rico, and the last few days in St. Thomas. I can't believe we have been home for two weeks already. Once we get all of our photos organized and uploaded, I will give a detailed description of the whole thing. Maybe there will even be a video. No guarantees though. In the meantime, here are a few from my phone.

First day in Puerto Rico. This is at our hotel in Isla Verde.

Isla Verde--Carolina Beach. We bought a hammock right away and it was the best investment!

This is at Magen's Bay in St. Thomas. We have some awesome pictures from our day here that I can't wait to upload more! Magen's Bay was unreal. Here is a little taste of what the day was like. :) (again, hammocks are the best)

This was our last night in St. Thomas. This is at Lindberg Beach I believe. Way off to the right you can see some land.. our hotel was over there. Also, buying a GoPro was the best thing we did before leaving for our trip. The first reason, is because it took amazing pictures! And the second reason is because it kept Cody busy. He gets bored easily, so having something to keep him occupied allowed me to lay out in the sun longer. :) It was a win win.

Our last night! We flew back to Puerto Rico for one more day before flying home. This was, again, at a beach.. ummm Luquillo? Yep. The sand looked like brown sugar. It was beautiful!

Overall, it was a blast. I came home exhausted and sunburnt. It did feel so good to come home. It always does. The absolute best part of coming home was the smell! Driving home from the airport with our windows down made me realize just how wonderful Canada smells. Even driving through the big city, it smelled so clean. The air was fresh and lilac's all decided to bloom while we were away. It may have seemed even better due to the fact that we had spend the last 19 hours in airports/airplanes.... but honestly home never smelled so good. Is that weird?
(disclaimer: I'm a smells person. I swear I smell everything 23948723x stronger than everyone else. I'm going to be the worst pregnant lady ever.)

I am welcoming summer with open arms. 

Just a few updates:
--Cody is back working for Rockyview County for the summer.
--I am still working at the same dental office.
--My favorite little man in the whole world turned one today and I am both happy and sad at the time time because the older he gets the more fun he is but at the same time I just need him to stop growing up so I can just squeeze him forever.
--We may or may not have a vacation to Hawaii booked in September.. :)
--My hair is getting longer again. Yay!
--We still live in a basement.
--I haven't been to the gym since before we left on our trip. Oopsie.
--I'm currently obsessed with popsicles. But this isn't new.

So as you can see there really aren't a whole lot of changes in our lives.


This is life.

I feel like I spent my entire life {thus far} waiting for the next big event. In elementary school, I couldn't wait to get into that J-High. Then High School was waiting. Graduation. College. College Graduation. Marriage. Moving to a new city. Finding the best job in the world. And suddenly I have found myself feeling like I'm not sure what the next step is. Suddenly I find myself in this place where life is life. I'm not eagerly anticipating the next step. I'm ready to just enjoy. 

This is life.

I wake up early. 
I go to work. 
I see the sweetest most amazing patients in the entire world. 
(more to come on that in the near future) 
I come home to my husby. 
We go to the gym
We eat dinner. 
We watch TV. 
We go to bed. 

And you know what? I love it. I love this routine. I love this life. We are happy in our tiny little basement apartment. We are happy as just the two of us. We have been so blessed in so many ways since we have started our lives together. Physically, mentally, financially, and any other ally you can think of. Of course, life isn't perfect and we, of course, have our struggles, but life is just so so good!

Now completely contradicting the fact that I stated more than once that I am not eagerly anticipating the next step... we ARE eagerly anticipating our vacation to Puerto Rico in May. We decided that this time in life is the time to both save money and spend money, and are trying hard to do both. Returning to Cody's mission is something we have both wanted to do since the day he got home, or maybe the day he got his mission call? Regardless, we are beyond thrilled at the opportunity to spend a week there. I imagine travelling will be much harder once we have littles following us around so we figured we best get rid of our travel itch before there are mini me's in the picture.

The past month has been eventful. We were able to drive to SLC for Easter. Most of my family was there, so that was marvellous. I got to see my favorite Owen Bear! Naturally he was the highlight of the weekend.
All I had to do was put my lips towards his mouth and he gave the best slobbery open mouth kisses you can ever imagine.  He loves me.

We also attended the Sunday Afternoon session of General Conference.  I haven't been to conference for years and years, so I was so excited! Also, it was SO warm outside.

Cody hates this photo but it's the only one we took. Oops.

This past weekend was my bestie's wedding! Congrats to Steph and Bobby. It was just the perfect day. Everything was so chill, and laid back, and easy going. Just like Steph. Despite the freezing cold wind, nothing could have made it a better day. 
Typical Karlee Fry and Jane photo. Love this girl!

I promise we let Steph and Bobby cut into it first.

Unfortunately Kate was stuck in Texas and unable to come, so we facetimed her between the family dinner and the reception! 
Just look at how perfect her little guy is!

*I'll have to post a picture of the beautiful bride once she has her photos back from the photographer. :)

Cody's birthday is this week, and it's also his last week of classes! Hallelujah. I can't wait until he is no longer stressed about school. Plus having 2 income's in the summertime makes for a happy bank account, which usually means we will do a little more travelling.... Hawaii anyone?


about time.

I used to write almost daily. I'm not sure what made me think that the world needed to be made aware of my daily thoughts, but I sure seemed to keep everyone up to date. I blogged for five whole years, quite regularly.  During this time, I dated a lot, made new friends, graduated from high school, got my heart broken a few too many times, went to college, met some of the very best people I'll ever know, graduated, and moved home.  Somewhere around the time that I moved home, I decided that I didn't want those thoughts posted out there for the world to see. I simply stopped writing.

I've wanted to start this blogging stuff up again. Often. Every now and then I would sit down after dinner and my fingers will feel the need to type, to get my thoughts out, to make sense of life. I missed having a place to put my words.

I mostly miss writing. I miss being able to read back and remember exactly how I was feeling on a particular day or in a particular moment. I miss feeling that sense of accomplishment when I was able to click publish after typing and deleting and typing and deleting. But mostly, I miss having a record of my life. So here I am, all over again, with a new address and a new name, ready to start this blog thing over. I figured I better get this started so someday when I have a baby I can flood my blog with every adorable photo I take, and record everything they say and do. I'm not pregnant by the way.

But ya.

I am Janeen. I am twenty three. When I was about fifteen, I sort of became Jane. I introduce myself as Janeen, I sign my name as Janeen, my drivers license says Janeen, but I feel like Jane.

Not important.

I married my sweetheart Cody just over a year ago. We had a winter wedding. We moved from the tiny town life to the big city, into a tiny basement suite together, where we have our TV, our sectional, and our fridge. I work, and he goes to school. I guess this is what they call the time in life where we are newlyweds.