about time.

I used to write almost daily. I'm not sure what made me think that the world needed to be made aware of my daily thoughts, but I sure seemed to keep everyone up to date. I blogged for five whole years, quite regularly.  During this time, I dated a lot, made new friends, graduated from high school, got my heart broken a few too many times, went to college, met some of the very best people I'll ever know, graduated, and moved home.  Somewhere around the time that I moved home, I decided that I didn't want those thoughts posted out there for the world to see. I simply stopped writing.

I've wanted to start this blogging stuff up again. Often. Every now and then I would sit down after dinner and my fingers will feel the need to type, to get my thoughts out, to make sense of life. I missed having a place to put my words.

I mostly miss writing. I miss being able to read back and remember exactly how I was feeling on a particular day or in a particular moment. I miss feeling that sense of accomplishment when I was able to click publish after typing and deleting and typing and deleting. But mostly, I miss having a record of my life. So here I am, all over again, with a new address and a new name, ready to start this blog thing over. I figured I better get this started so someday when I have a baby I can flood my blog with every adorable photo I take, and record everything they say and do. I'm not pregnant by the way.

But ya.

I am Janeen. I am twenty three. When I was about fifteen, I sort of became Jane. I introduce myself as Janeen, I sign my name as Janeen, my drivers license says Janeen, but I feel like Jane.

Not important.

I married my sweetheart Cody just over a year ago. We had a winter wedding. We moved from the tiny town life to the big city, into a tiny basement suite together, where we have our TV, our sectional, and our fridge. I work, and he goes to school. I guess this is what they call the time in life where we are newlyweds.