Just a little taste of our vacation!

We got back from our trip to the Caribbean two weeks ago! We spent the majority of our time in Puerto Rico, and the last few days in St. Thomas. I can't believe we have been home for two weeks already. Once we get all of our photos organized and uploaded, I will give a detailed description of the whole thing. Maybe there will even be a video. No guarantees though. In the meantime, here are a few from my phone.

First day in Puerto Rico. This is at our hotel in Isla Verde.

Isla Verde--Carolina Beach. We bought a hammock right away and it was the best investment!

This is at Magen's Bay in St. Thomas. We have some awesome pictures from our day here that I can't wait to upload more! Magen's Bay was unreal. Here is a little taste of what the day was like. :) (again, hammocks are the best)

This was our last night in St. Thomas. This is at Lindberg Beach I believe. Way off to the right you can see some land.. our hotel was over there. Also, buying a GoPro was the best thing we did before leaving for our trip. The first reason, is because it took amazing pictures! And the second reason is because it kept Cody busy. He gets bored easily, so having something to keep him occupied allowed me to lay out in the sun longer. :) It was a win win.

Our last night! We flew back to Puerto Rico for one more day before flying home. This was, again, at a beach.. ummm Luquillo? Yep. The sand looked like brown sugar. It was beautiful!

Overall, it was a blast. I came home exhausted and sunburnt. It did feel so good to come home. It always does. The absolute best part of coming home was the smell! Driving home from the airport with our windows down made me realize just how wonderful Canada smells. Even driving through the big city, it smelled so clean. The air was fresh and lilac's all decided to bloom while we were away. It may have seemed even better due to the fact that we had spend the last 19 hours in airports/airplanes.... but honestly home never smelled so good. Is that weird?
(disclaimer: I'm a smells person. I swear I smell everything 23948723x stronger than everyone else. I'm going to be the worst pregnant lady ever.)

I am welcoming summer with open arms. 

Just a few updates:
--Cody is back working for Rockyview County for the summer.
--I am still working at the same dental office.
--My favorite little man in the whole world turned one today and I am both happy and sad at the time time because the older he gets the more fun he is but at the same time I just need him to stop growing up so I can just squeeze him forever.
--We may or may not have a vacation to Hawaii booked in September.. :)
--My hair is getting longer again. Yay!
--We still live in a basement.
--I haven't been to the gym since before we left on our trip. Oopsie.
--I'm currently obsessed with popsicles. But this isn't new.

So as you can see there really aren't a whole lot of changes in our lives.