First Trimester Update

So now that I'm 14.3 weeks, I guess I should do a recap of my first trimester, since that seems to be how this whole pregnancy blogging business works.
It actually took us a little while to actually find out that we were pregnant. 

I'll try to explain a backstory quickly because I'm sure this is super uninteresting/TMI, but I do want to have it all recorded. Feel free to skip over this to the actual trimester update below. 

Thanksgiving weekend we were visiting our parents and I realized my cycle was late. I didn't think too much of it, however, the month previously I had been a few days late as well, but I suspected it was because we were travelling and sometimes that messes things up a bit. Other than these two times, I have pretty much been like clockwork since mother nature began her monthly visits. Anyway, I didn't think too much of it. Cody did though, and he was basically harassing me with texts while I was at work after the weekend and insisted that I buy a pregnancy test on my lunch break. I consented, of course, because I was pretty curious too. An I tested positive that day! That would have been October 6th. I wanted to take another test, just to be sure, so that night I took another but I got a negative. I was a little confused and decided to see my doctor. The next day I tested negative at the doctors office as well and he let me know I had most likely had a very early miscarriage and assured me it was normal with a first pregnancy. We were both quite sad but figured it happened for a reason. However, after another week or so, mother nature still hadn't shown up. I was getting a bit confused and slightly concerned, so I bought a few more pregnancy tests.. but they were all negative as well. So at the two week point from my first doctors visit, I visited him again. He was surprised to hear that things hadn't returned to normal, but wasn't concerned at all. He said I still may in fact be pregnant, and said sometimes HCG levels are just lower in some women and sent me in for some blood tests to confirm my pregnancy. I had to wait a few days to get in for my blood work and also for the results. It had seriously been such a roller-coaster of emotions over the previous few weeks and I just wanted to know what was going on. Five days later, I received a phone call from my doctor informing me that I did in fact have increased HCG, but he wanted me to have yet another blood test done to confirm whether the HCG levels were increasing or decreasing. I seriously was so frustrated by this point and I think mostly in denial/shock. So I went for my second blood test and found out two days later that we were in fact expecting! According to the calendar, we were just over 8 weeks. We were absolutely thrilled, but I'm pretty sure I was still in shock because it had just been so up and down with finding out for sure. We scheduled our first ultrasound for the beginning of December, which would make be just over 12 weeks. So far I had experienced no symptoms, and was pretty sure I was just having the easiest most symptomless, lack of throwing up, quickest first trimester that ever existed. Ha. I started throwing up a few days later, but more of that to come.

We were so so excited the day of our ultrasound. I didn't know what to expect at all and it all happened so fast. Suddenly, the ultrasound tech was saying "oh just a tiny baby, measuring at just over 8 weeks.." 8. I have no idea what else she said, except for when she said there was a strong heartbeat. She said there was absolutely no way this baby was 12 weeks. She was also quite confused with the dating of everything but confirmed that baby was healthy, but just 8.3 weeks. Anyway, it kind of made sense with my lack of symptoms but didn't explain my mysterious positive pregnancy test at the start of October, and where mother nature was hiding for the last two months. One theory is that I actually did get pregnant the month before (I was a few days late) but actually lost that one, and got pregnant shortly after since my cycle would be mixed up a bit. Anyway, we still aren't quite sure what happened, but were happy to confirm that there was a healthy baby and were ready to tackle weeks 8-12, all over again. :)

Can I just say, I have never thrown up so many times in my whole life combined. It all started one day when Cody decided to pass some gas next to me. Now, this has happened before and resulted in myself hurling, but this time just felt different. And so it began. I literally couldn't keep anything down. The smells and the look and even the thought of the kitchen or moving or opening my eyes or walking down stairs sent me running into the bathroom. On top of that, I came down with a horrible cold and basically it was bad. I can't believe I even made it back to work a few days later. I was craving tomato garden vegetable soup one day so I made this ginormous batch of beautiful soup, only to throw it all up. That soup. YUCK. I had to have Cody dispose of it without me in the house. I couldn't even look at it in the fridge. I couldn't even TALK about it, or think about it without throwing up. Fortunately my doctor prescribed my Diclectin, and it cut my throwing up down to 1-3x/day, which was much more manageable. :) And yes, I tried saltines, gingerale, jolly ranchers, soup broth, plain noodles. It honestly made no difference what I ate or what time, I couldn't keep it down for more than 10 minutes. I'm a lot better now, thank you, Diclectin.

Here is a little snapshot of my first trimester described in photos. 
No, there aren't links on the photos. I'm not that fancy. 

1. Bubble baths:
I've always been a huge fan of bubble baths. But let me tell ya, there is nothing better. The week when I heard I had miscarried, I think I had about 15 baths. Just kidding, but at least every single day. I would blast sad music, light candles, and spend forever in there. Our water bill doubled in the month of November. Oops. It is seriously so relaxing though. I still average about 2-4 a week.

2. Salt and Vinegar chips, plus extra salt and vinegar:
I've always loved S&V chips but wow. I can't get enough vinegar. No brand is strong enough either, so I've started sprinkling dousing my chips in S&V popcorn seasoning. My tongue is pretty much raw by the time I am done eating, but oh my goodness. Give me all the saltiest vinegariest chips you know of. I've started sprinkling S&V on everything. It is excellent on french fries. You get the deliciousness of vinegar on your fries without them turning soggy. It's a win win.

3. Diclectin:
These cute little pills may look familiar to a few out there. These are seriously my saving grace! I've stopped taking them a few different times to see if maybe I'm "over the sickness" but am greeted with a toilet bowl full of stomach acid in the morning. I also ran out over the Christmas break while visiting my parents just a few days before I returned home, but was saved by Kinzee! She had a small stash left from her pregnancy, thank goodness! It was just enough to get me home and get a new prescription.

4. Coke:
I've never been a coke drinker. I would never order coke in a restaurant. Cody would. I would sometimes order a rootbeer or something, but one day I was sipping on gingerale trying to settle my stomach when I saw this bright red can in Codys hand and I just knew that was what I wanted. It totally settles my stomach.. a little bit. More than any other drink. Unfortunately, Cody has been trying to quit drinking coke for the past few weeks and my new little discovery is making it a little bit harder on him to have it sitting around. Oopsie. :)

5. The Snoogle:
Oh. My. Goodness. I did link to that one because wow. "The mother of pregnancy pillows.." Yeah. That sums it up. So my bestie Sarah came to visit in the beginning of November. She was 6-7 months pregnant at the time. She waddled out of her ginormous truck to give me a big hug and I noticed a pillow sitting in the front seat. I didn't think much of it. But the next morning when I crawled into her bed for a chat, I was surprise to discover that there seemed to be another person in the bed. Nope. Just a snoogle.  I tried it. And I just knew I needed one of these. I hadn't experienced very much sleep trouble at this point, as I was only 4-5 weeks along, but the next week I realized I could NOT get comfortable. It was so frustrating. I have always been one to sleep, all night, undisturbed. And suddenly I was waking up numerous times. It was so annoying! I feel so bad for people who have sleep troubles. Anyway, Cody surprised me with a snoogle a few days later. He is the best. People. Get one of these. Pregnant or not, it will change your life. I anticipate I will use mine forever. Warning: it does take up a lot of space in your bed. So. Worth it.

6. Subway:
Gross? Maybe. I asked Cody to describe my first trimester in one word. He said, "Subway". For some reason, when everything else in the world was making me nauseous to even think about, I could stomach a subway sandwich. And it's okay people, I know pregnant ladies aren't supposed to have deli meats. I assure you I have not contracted Listeria. I have discovered.. the BLT. Four happy slices of bacon on six inches of deliciousness. Oh, without the tomatoes of course because yuck. I don't know what it is, but when nothing else would work, my trusty Subway sammich would. Now I want one.

A few other Yes's.
1. Space pops. The No Name brand from superstore.
2. Kraft Dinner. Can't go wrong.
3. Sour soothers.

A few definite No's.
1. Tomato Garden Vegetable Soup (I fear this is ruined forever)
2. Salsa, or any kind of mexican food
3. Yogurt
4. Any kind of like, grilled peppers/tomatos/onions. The smell is awful.
5. Pasta (except plain noodles, or MAYBE spaghetti on a good day)
6. Lettuce. Except on my subway sandwich.

Those are pretty much all giant NO's. For a while, mostly everything was no, but those are some specifics that are just like a NOPE NOT HAPPENING. It's a good thing I waited until now to write that. A month ago I wouldn't have been able stomach thinking about those things long enough to type them.

Well, this got long. Happy 14ish weeks to us! One of these days I will post a bump photo. The bump exists, I assure you. But it might just be a bacon bump at this point. It's hard to say. :)


Peanut Blob

So I was all excited like half a year ago thinking I was going to get back into blogging and suddenly many many months have past and I accidentally didn't blog... like even once. I have no excuse. Except my computer was out of commission the last three-ish months so there's that. My battery exploded. Like actually it got super fat. So my hubs ordered a new battery from Sweden and popped it in and voila! It still doesn't explain my absence when I used to blog pretty much every day.
I also used to blog when I was sad which happened a lot haaaaa..
and now I don't get as sad all the time so maybe my absence has really been a good thing!
(I'm not returning out of sadness.. FYI)
Um. Also.. people got really good at the whole blogging thing? Blogging is intimidating and I am so not good at using computers and its suuuch a struggle for me to figure out this blogger thing so there is also that. Mine will probably always look exactly like this until someone teaches me how to fix it.

Anyway now that we announced some big news... I would like to be better at documenting life! So hello.. it's me. 

We're having a baby!

There is our little social media announcement. Official due date is July 9th! Originally and according to my lady cycle, our due date was June 13th so when we had our first ultrasound at the start of December thinking we were going to see maybe a head and some arms and possibly legs, we saw that we just had a little peanut blob still who was only eight weeks! Fortunately, baby blob was healthy so we were happy.

Meet peanut blob at 8 weeks.  
(I'm not a photographer, nor will I ever be. Here is a photo of a photo.)

And here is peanut blob looking less like a peanut and more like a human at our 13 week ultrasound.

Well, that's all for now but hopefully I will be back before our blob arrives.